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Can we just take a moment to appreciate Within Temptation’s cover of Radioactive? 


Drag On Dragoon 3 (Drakengard 3) Official Side Story Book
Written by Jun Eishima
Supervised by Yoko Taro
Release Date: August 28th
Preorder Here


Drag On Dragoon 3 (Drakengard 3) Official Side Story Book

Written by Jun Eishima

Supervised by Yoko Taro

Release Date: August 28th

Preorder Here


Following my last post some hours ago.

I know we kinda abandoned the project for a long long long long long long long time. I don’t know if you guys still looking forward for the release, but here, have a taste of Tier 1 of Drakengard 3 Piano Collection.

Dragonsphere Project - Drakengard 3 Piano Collection Tier 1 Crossfade


1. Thundervalor / Ray of The Brave (Piano Arrange)

2. Tsukiru (Exhausted) ~ REPRISE

3. Prevolt / The Upcoming Battle / Four’s Theme (Piano Cover)

4. Kuroi Uta / The Black Song (Piano Cover)

Drakengard and Drag On Dragoon are property of Square Enix. Drakengard 3 Music produced by MONACA. Drakengard 3 Piano Collection arranged/covered/performed by Dragonsphere Fan Project Music Team.

P.S: Please like Our Page Here for the release of the album.



So this is something that I have struggled with posting about on here for a while. Some of you (especially the ones i know in real life) know that my mother is very sick. She has been sick for over half of my life with one thing or another. If you need more details you can either read her post or I can provide them they can just get a little overwhelming. We have managed to scrape by the entire time with the help of amazing friends and family and me working as many hours as i can at the jobs i have. Unfortunately the bills keep piling up and although she is on disability and social security and has medicare with a medicaid back up there are just some things insurance won’t pay for. We are in the process of looking into the lawsuits that are going on for people who have had the recalled hips like mama but it takes a very long time. And she still has to get these surgeries and things taken care of as soon as possible.

So my mother started a go fund me. The amount to raise is $4,500 which would help with the following:

I owe $300 for the CPM machine that helped me regain movement in my new knee after it was broken during the surgical manipulation. The insurance didn’t cover it. 
I need $500-900 to replace my lift chair which has died and I cannot get into or out of after I have the next joint replacement, and it’s a year too soon for my insurance to help with the cost. 
I need $350 to pay the rehab facility that takes such good care of me. I had to spend 2 extra days that insurance didn’t cover after the first knee replacement. 
I have over $100,000 in medical bills in various stages of collection- as I can’t pay them on disability.
I need a gel seat for my wheelchair, a shower seat for the bathtub, a hospital bed for when I come home from rehab, while I recover and prepare for the next surgery.

I understand that people see things like this all the time on tumblr for much bigger and more worthy causes than this, and if you only have the money to donate to those, please please do!  if you could just signal boost I would appreciate it from the depths of my heart. I am unfortunately not an artist or writer or anything like that. If you can donate and you would like me to sing a song for you i can do that, I just figured since my mother was brave enough to ask for help once more after having to ask so many times I should be too. If anyone wants to ask for more details or anything my inbox is always open and I will answer whatever I can. Thank you so much.

Please, if you can, help my friend’s mother.

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Every time I go through my likes and see this post all I can think is this-



when someone does something better than you



a dangan ronpa au where instead of being trapped in a school, they’re trapped in togamis mansion. its so big nobody can find the exit. not even togami



When I was a kid I thought your 20s were supposed to be fun, not filled with perpetual anxiety about financial stability and constantly feeling like an unaccomplished piece of shit. 

That’s because it was fun for baby boomers and they basically gave us this impression it would always be like that, but then they ruined the economy.



Five Nights at Freddy’s.